It has been so long since I’ve sat down and written anything other than a quick note on Facebook.  I suppose it’s time to drop some thoughts on here so I have room to actually explain myself!

First, my children.

I’m amazed, lately, watching Xavier grown by leaps and bounds both physically and mentally.  This little boy that we brought home three years ago at right around 6 lbs (and he was a month old!) and attached to an oxygen monitor and an oxygen tank is a healthy, happy, ACTIVE little boy now.  We’ve actually had people ask why he wasn’t in school during the day!  Quite a change from people wondering how such a tiny little baby was walking (he was a year old and fit in 6-9 month clothing).   We also wondered if he would EVER start talking.  I remember sitting with the gals that did his developmental screenings and lamenting on his lack of verbal communication.  They told me that since 1) he was the second child and 2) he was so incredibly mobile, it didn’t surprise them that he didn’t talk a lot.  He now talks very well…most people can even understand some of what he says! LOL  Now the debate begins at our house about clipping or not.  Xavier is extremely tongue-tied.  He can not stick his tongue out…at all.  We’re lucky if it reaches his bottom lip.  Watching him try to lick an ice cream cone wavers between hysterical and sad.  But mostly we’re concerned about it effecting his speech.  He does not say the “s” sound at all…they are “h”s.  There are others, too, but hearing “Habrina” is all too common around here and it sticks out.  His doctor has said that she’s willing to send him, now, to have the clipping done and assured me it’s quick and simple.  I asked to wait just a bit longer (she gave me 6 months) to be sure it’s the tongue and not just “him”…I mean, Sabrina said “grrrrr-affe” for years and she didn’t have any tongue problems! LOL  Mainly, I think it’s my unwillingness to do anything to him intentionally that will hurt that’s holding me back.  After all he went through to begin with, I don’t like the idea of saying, “Ok, now hold still while the dr. takes a pair of scissors and clips under your tongue.” 

As far as Sabrina goes…she’s growing-up so fast!  We’ve colored her hair for the first time.  She wanted to be a red-head since I wouldn’t allow white-blonde or black.  Her grandmother freaked out.  Her grandfather immediately looked at me and chuckled.  I assured them both that Mark and I agreed on it…and there are FAR worse things a pre-teen girl can be doing to express herself than coloring her hair.  We’ve started buying her clothes (at least some of them) from places other than Wal-Mart and Target…you know, mall stores…with the understanding that she’d GET less by doing that.  She was ok with the trade-off.  LOL  It’s hard to imagine her as the toddler she was when I look at her now.  I have to drag out pictures every so often…and then I cry.  I can’t decide if I’m crying because she’s growing older or I am, though!

She was talking about who in her grade was “dating” (a term that makes me laugh every time she says it ’cause there’s no actual *dating* going on) whom and complained, “I’m the only one of my friends that hasn’t had an ‘actual’ boyfriend.”  My response was, “There is NOTHING wrong with that…sometimes it’s better that way.”  I know she won’t believe me.  She’s 11…and I’m wrong about everything.  She did tell me there’s a boy in her class who is always staring at her in classes they have together…and smiles at her…and she thinks he likes her.  “But he doesn’t ‘date’, Mom.”  Again, all I could say was, “There’s nothing wrong with that…you guys are 11 and 12 years old!”  This boy she was talking about, however, isn’t the same one she’s crushed on since kindergarten.  I’m kind of glad to see her at least noticing other boys! LOL

She also has one very good “guy friend” that she’s pal-ed around with for years now.  If any of you saw the photos of the IA/IA State game visit by WHO-TV with Sabrina in them…he’s the one that was with her in most of them.  He’s a nice kid and has a wonderful sense of humor…and we don’t worry about them hanging out together.  I even allowed them to walk to the store together that day without me! LOL  It’s one of those situations where I *get a feeling* that he’s not a threat in the least…if you get my meaning. 🙂

Now, on to other things…

I love politics…but I’m SUPER glad this election cycle is over.  I was getting really tired of the commercials and flyers showing up in my mailbox.  Thankfully we don’t have a land-line anymore or I’d have been pulling my hair out from all the calls, too, I’m sure.  Just another benefit of going “cell only”.

I made it through breast cancer awareness month without actually vomiting from all the pink.  I’ve now moved on to November being lung cancer awareness month and what *I* can do to raise awareness around me.  I’ve sent a request to the gov. asking that Iowa declare November officially as Lung Cancer Awareness Month.  Haven’t even seen a reply about it, yet, let alone saying they’d do it.  Big surprise.  There was an election looming…and now we’re going to be changing hands in January….so I’ll just have to keep sending the request.  I’ve started posting things here and there on different boards and making sure that the “about me” section of my profiles say that I’m willing and able to answer questions people may have about lung cancer.  So far I’ve actually had a couple questions…it surprised me and made me happy to be able to share information.  It’s a little step, but a step non-the-less.

Thanksgiving is fast approaching.  Seems that time moves more quickly the older I become because I’m pretty sure it wasn’t but a couple of weeks ago that school started!  Oh well…time to start making plans for our family dinner!  We usually have three dinners we attend in the weeks surrounding the actual holiday.  I’m not sure what we’re doing this year.  There is so much “winterizing” going on here at home that we’ve not had time to even talk about it!  I’m sure we’ll buy a turkey and all the fixings for here at home regardless of what else we might end up doing.  I like to make Thanksgiving dinner for us to have on the actual holiday.  It’s a special holiday for me, personally…a day for me to remember that, no matter how *bad* things may be, I have so very much to be thankful for each day.