We went for our yearly (ok, it’s been two years, I won’t lie) eye exams on Saturday.  Sabrina was not-so-secretly hoping she’d need glasses.  I’m not sure why someone would want them, but I vaguely remember feeling the same way before I had to get them, too…when I was 5.  Yes, I’ve had to have vision correction since I was 5 and my kindergarten teacher called Mom and said, “She can’t see the board.”

After 30 years of regularly going to the eye doctor, I don’t get surprised much.  It’s pretty standard.  I go in, my doc (the same one for the last 30 years, actually!) checks to see how my contacts are holding up, I take them out and am tortured by the puff of air for the glaucoma test, then I blindly find my way back to the exam room and go through the “does it look better this way…or….this way” exam.  Then he tells me either we have to increase my correction or it’s remained the same.  That’s just how it goes.

Until this year. 

My eyes actually got better.  So did Mark’s.  Our optometrist is stumped.  He told me, laughing, if mine continue to improve at this rate by the time I’m 101 years old I’ll have perfect vision again.  But he can’t explain why both of us showed improvement for the first time in all the years we’ve worn glasses/contacts.

We’ve decided to give the “blame” for this happy news to Xavier.  My theory is this: The stress from him is somehow causing our vision to improve since we have to watch him like a hawk to make sure he’s not getting into something or doing something he shouldn’t be.  This would also explain why, as people get older, they need reading glasses, etc. even when they’ve had perfect vision before then.  Their kids leave home and they no longer have the stress of children!

However, apparently stressful toddlers cause their older siblings to get glasses.  Sabrina will get her first pair on Saturday when we go pick them up.  The frames she picked out (with liberal help from Mom) are really quite adorable.  Mark and I had never purchased our own glasses since we’ve worn contacts for a good long time…basically since our parents stopped paying for this stuff for us!  We had no clue how expensive they were…or even how our vision insurance would work in helping to pay for them.  Turns out we have exceptional vision insurance.  They guy told me they almost never bother with it once they see what the discount will be because their in store promotions usually are a better deal.  However, our insurance paid well over 50% of the cost for Sabrina’s.  Still more expensive than the Wal-Mart $38 for a complete pair (I need to check into that…we haven’t yet) but overall, we’re happy with the cost and the product.

That’s it for another year…new contacts for Mark and I and glasses for Sabrina.  The fun just keeps going and going!