Being one, I can assure you I have experience in this subject.  Women are really, completely, the biggest pains in the ass there can be. 

We change our minds 20 times on a good day.  We’re rip-roaring bitches on the not-so-good days.  And on bad days?  Those are the ones where everyone should just stay hidden.

Some of us are nice enough to warn people…or at least have warning signs.  Like…If I get up in the morning grumbling, chances are that my mood is not going to improve throughout the day.  However, if I wake without yelling at someone in the first 15 minutes, chances are good that it’s going to take something other than just being awake to set me off.  Those, here, are considered “good days”.

But women in groups are worse.  Way, way worse.  You get a small gathering of women anywhere from preteen to menopause age, and you’re in for trouble.  Someone, somewhere, will turn on another…’s like canabalism!  All hell breaks loose.  You have women who’ve known eachother for years ready to rip their “former” friends face off.  You have women who are normally quiet and subdued who are dancing on tables.  Basically it’s like cats and dogs sleeping together.  It’s just screwed up!

Women friends?  Well…it takes a special bond to manage to keep a women friend for very long.  We’re moody.  We’re irritable.  We talk over eachother regularly.  We PMS, we DMS, and we PMS again.  We have cramps and bloating that we feel the need to complain about to those who might sympathize.

Yeah, female friends are pains in the ass.

I wouldn’t trade mine for the world.

I have a friend I’ve known for 30 years (OMG when did we get so old?!?) and I have friends that I’ve known for about 7 or 8 (LOL I can’t remember anymore!) but most fall somewhere in between.  “Most” being those other two that I consider friends that don’t fall into another catagory such as “sister in law” or some such.  Yup, that’s it.  I have 4 good female friends…the ones you count on for everything.  And I’m blessed to have them.

Even when they’re bitching, complaining, whining, or otherwise being a pain in the ass….I’m blessed.  Why?  Because they listen when I’m bitching, complaining, whining, or otherwise being a pain the ass, too.

So, this is my shout-out to Tina (for 30 years of putting up with me), to Andrea (for being the other half of my brain for the last 7 or 8 years) and to Missa and Sam who fall somewhere in-between and have given me as many memories as the other two that sustain me when I need a little boost.  Almost all of my memories involve at least one of you and sometimes more than one of you at a time.

I love you girls….pains in the ass and all!