Alright, so I’ve been a bit stressed about school as it is…then two things happened.  First, I had a friend ask me what I was going to do after I met with the college people about what I was going to do after college (I’m in “community college” and not in a tech degree program…I’m in a transfer degree program) and I had another friend (who’s business is something similiar to what I’d like to do with the rest of my life) tell me she was mildly jealous of the research topics I’d chosen for my papers this term.  Stress level just increased 10-fold!

I’m probably the only CC student who would choose to do a paper on Nature vs Nurture in Antisocial Personality Disorder and whether the outcomes for children were better/equal/lesser in a home where the parents divorced than those who remained together “for the children”.  It’s turning out to be a lot of work to find information on the second subject, especially.  Lots of studies to dig through, little real information.  But I love it.  There isn’t much I enjoy more than digging into the why/how/what, etc. of something like that.  Sociology, in all it’s forms but especially “family life” intrigues me to no end.  And that is where my stress comes from.

I originally started back to college with the intention of getting a teaching degree when all was said and done.  I’ve abandoned that now…I don’t think I could spend the rest of my life dealing with either 1) High school jack-asses or 2) First-year college morons.  Short-term would be ok, long term? Not so much.  So that left me wondering what I *really* wanted to do.

That’s where the discussion from the first friend came in.  She asked me, “What is your passion?”  Well, now……If I’m honest it’s, again, sociology…but WTF am I going to do with a degree in sociology?  I can’t even get a degree in sociology from the CC…it would require a trip into the “actual college” realm for a bachelor’s degree, at least.   Ok…so now I’m stressing again.  Bachelor’s degree would mean, at least, another 2 years of college at which point my son would FINALLY be in kindergarten.  I can NOT do a bachelor’s degree with almost all my classes on-line like I’m doing my associates degree.  Even if it were available, I wouldn’t do it….online is great except for the lack of lecture time! 🙂 

Ok, so now I’m back to my associates degree.  WTH can I do with an associates degree in liberal arts???  Well, with it being in lib. arts…..about anything so you would think.  Except I’ve stacked my classes, so far, with as many sociology and pyschology classes as I can handle because they’re what interest me the most.  So, I guess my degree would be an associates degree with a concentration in sociology and psychology. 

Still doesn’t get me anywhere because it’s a freaking associates degree!


Back to the idea of a bachelor’s degree….

Do you see where I’m going with this???

Basically what I’m faced with, at this point unless somehow I can find out that my 2-year degree in nothing with a concentration in something will actually net me a job, is that I’m going to have to decide if I want to spend the next two years raising my son or put off a bachelor’s degree for another freaking 2 years.

I understand that if I could find a job with the associates I’d still have to miss time with my son; but somehow it doesn’t seem so bad if I’m bringing in money instead of just pissing away time in school myself when I could be teaching him (or letting Word World do it..OMG what an amazing show, btw!!!  He knows half his alphabet already!). 

It’s just really hard to decide what would be best in the long-run and it makes me wish I would have just done all of this when I was younger and didn’t have the responsibilities that I have now.

We live and learn, I guess.