The good news is that our doggie is finally acting like he’s feeling better…so I thought I’d start with that!  He actually wanted to *play* today instead of just “hanging out”.  Nice to see him a bit perkier and acting like a 5 year old dog instead of a 15 year old dog. 

We took Mark in for his epidural sterioid injection today and I was terrified of leaving him with the doctor by himself, but we had both kids to keep track of and there was no way X was going to sit still that long!  I wasn’t afraid of something going wrong.  Heck, I’ve had shots into my spine a couple times!  One took 3 tries, the other took somewhere around 15 tries and one bent needle before they got the spinal in for my c-section with X! LOL  Noooooooo, my fear was for the doctor.

My husband is very, very anti-needle.  For his flu shot (before the nose-mist became something he and the daughter could get) I would, literally, sit astride facing him and put him in a bear-hug so the nurse could safely administer his flu shot…without fear of a fist flying toward her in a well-controlled (and aimed) manner!  He’s not a big “pain” person.  Someone inflicts pain on him and his reaction is to swing.  We’ve had to really work on this, in all seriousness…because kids something inflict pain without meaning to or realizing what they’re doing.

However, after a very long wait (where I realized half-way through a Walmart shopping trip with the kids that Dad had forgotten to give me the debit card for the account that actually had money in it) he emerged with a bandage on his back and a doctor still alive and complimented on his ability to not have to dig around.  Yay!

We abandoned the Walmart trip for the day and went to get something to eat.  After leaving the fast-food joint, X proceeded to skin a knee in a major way (that means there was actual blood).  Of course, the ONE thing Mom didn’t have in her purse was a freaking bandaid…so we trotted across the parking lot to a local c-store and found a handy-dandy packet of bandaids that just happened to have the happy addition of a little packet of neosporin in there, saving me the $4 the c-store would have raped me for having to buy that separately.  I trotted X into the bathroom and proceeded to frighten the entire population of WDM with his screaming while I smeared some goo on his boo-boo and slapped a bandaid on it (oh, and changed his diaper…I’m not sure which he was more indignant about).  The mommy-kisses, goo, and bandaid did nothing to calm him, so we bought him a “poopy pop” (a push-pop sucker) in his favorite flavor and rushed him out the door and back to the car before DHS could be called on us for allowing him to scrape his knee…or whatever we were doing to that poor, wailing child.

The daughter will NOT stop asking about swimming after I took her on Sunday (her first taste of pool for the season).  I finally told her that she’s not allowed to swim during thunderstorms and to check the forecast for days when it’s not supposed to be pouring outside.  She’s determined that I need to drive her to the pool on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday so far.  I think she just needs an apartment in town within walking distance.

Oh, yeah, and have I mentioned that my PTSD is in full -swing with the recent crappy weather we’ve been having?  So far I’ve only bolted once, and only to Newton for a night with the kids…but that’s one time too many when I’m struggling to get past this all and live a “normal” life.  I was babied last year with so few severe weather incidents around here.  I was really hoping for another year like that!  However, it seems that when I get a “break” I get desensitized to it and imagine the storms WAY worse than they really turn out to be, so it’s really a catch-22.  I’m determined to face this and find ways to survive living in an area where spring/early summer are a bit rough sometimes (not to mention Mark made me promise before handing over his debit card so I *could* run) if not for my own sanity, than for my husband and my children, who don’t need to see Mom pacing the floor in tears just because we *might* have some rough storms.  As I’m typing this I’m waiting for the ones over in Nebraska to come our way…I wish I could just go to sleep and wake-up to whatever will be.  But I have to stay up to see what’s going to come at us. 

So, that’s the beginning of my week.  Tomorrow will bring a stop to see about pool passes for the kids.  Apparently if your child will turn three in the same year the pool is open, you have to pay $5 a day for them or get them a pass.  Do you know any 3 year-old who is worth paying for a season pass or even $5 a day to go to the pool????  Yeah, me neither…but that’s the rule so I guess I have to get him a pass this year, too!  Mark’s schedule is kinda weird this week as it’s a transition week between his old position and the new one.  My school work is going to have to flip-flop from night time to day time, I guess…but then I feel bad for sitting on my butt inside doing school work while Mark’s out doing yard work and gardening.  I don’t know…maybe I’ll figure out a way to get it done while X is sleeping at night or something.

Hope you all have a fantastic week!  End of the week around here is supposed to be hot and muggy with a chance of school loan overpayment refund coming in!  Yay!!