First, yes, I know it’s spelled “doggy” but my dogs are special to me and because of that, they need a special name.  Kidding, I just always spell it “doggie” because it think it looks cuter.

Anyway, I took our Benji into our “regular” vet on the 1st with what I thought were pretty straight-forward symptoms of some kind of huge allergy thing going on.  He’s been sneezing since we put him in the car at the shelter and we thought, “Poor guy, must be something bothering his nose.”  Then he managed to lick his nose raw over Memorial Day weekend (when nothing’s open) so the first was the earliest I could get him seen.  By the time I took him in his poor eyes were all mattery, too.

Vet looked him over, kind of took a history (this is where I realized she wasn’t listening very well) that went something like this:

Vet: Is he inside, outside, or both?

Me: Strictly outside.’

Vet: So does he try to take food off the counters or anything?

Me: Um, no, he doesn’t come in the house.

Vet: Does he have accidents in the house?

You get the point of this, right?  I finally just started answering “no” to the questions about being in the house without correcting her again.  She prescribed an antibiotic, gave him some eyedrops, and just to bend us over a bit more, heartworm preventative (which I actually was going to get for him anyway but by now I was some kind of bitchy).

Three days later now and there’s no relief for Benji.  In fact, he’s scratching so much he’s starting to thin out patches of his fur. 😦  So…I call the “other vet” who is actually the one we used with Sammie and I have always felt pretty good about their office.  I told them that it’s going to be a second opinion because I don’t feel like he’s getting any relief.  I specifically questioned allergies (our “regular vet” said “IF it’s allergies this will help a little but it’ll come back as soon as you stop and if it’s just an infection it’ll clear it up”) and basically I’m not leaving until they do something to make my poor baby doggie feel better!!!

Am I thrilled that a dog is costing me unbelievable amounts of money already?  No, not really.  However, it comes with the territory of adopting a dog out of a shelter sometimes.  It can happen with dogs from a breeder, too.  Sometimes it just is and like my human children, I refuse to see Benji feel ucky just because it might cost me money to make him feel better.   If it ever got to the point where it was going to cost us more than we could afford, then I’d contact his former shelter…but for now we can afford to have him vetted properly and take care of anything he needs to get him feeling better. 

I’m kind of hoping it’s an easily controlled (read: benedryl) allergy.  I’m hoping it’s nothing serious.  I’m hoping we can get him feeling better ’cause he just kind of mopes around right now and I hate seeing my doggie not playful and happy.

I’ll keep you posted.