I spent a great deal of my early 30’s blogging on Yahoo and on MySpace and, sadly, gave it all up as Yahoo went down the shitter and MySpace drifted away into “yesteryear” as one of my friends so eloquently put it.  I think it’s time to start again…though my life is no where near as interesting as it used to be, back when my mother was ill, then when I was pregnant while she was dying, then right after her death.  I have much less to blog about now…and I’m really pretty thankful for that!  However, now I have a toddler along with a preteen and a husband and I have one fewer ways (Mom) to vent all the frustration that goes along with having those things.  Not to mention I’ve somehow decided now would be a great time to go back to college and do it all online so that I don’t have to put the toddler in daycare and use up our already minimal resources.  Yeah….I’m loving life.

So, for the record, I suppose I should say a little about me. 

I’m opinionated and I believe that everyone should be.  I don’t mind if someone disagrees with me as long as you realize that you’re not going to change my mind with “you’re wrong”. 

I have a wickedly dark sense of humor.  I managed to find humor right after my first child died.  I laughed on the same night my mom died.  I can not take life too seriously and I hope to God I never do….it wouldn’t be nearly as funny or fun.

I believe in God, in Heaven, and that I’ll end-up there when I’m done with this world. 

I’m (politically) rather conservative but I have my liberal ideas and I will not change those, so don’t try to “convert” me. 

I’m annoyed by the “pinking” of America because I think it takes the focus of the general public and puts it too much on just one type of cancer when there are tons of other types that get even less federal funding and have a higher death-rate.  I do not want to see LESS funding for the “pink ribbon” cause…I want to see MORE funding for the other types of cancer to get it closer to *even*.

I love my children even when they drive me completely off the deep-end; I love my husband with all my heart even when I’d rather he not be around.  I have a cat that is nice enough to let us live in the house with her and a dog (who, right now, is missing :(:(  ) that keeps us company while we’re out doing “stuff”.

We grow a garden that I can, freeze, and in any other ways preserve for winter months.  We have chickens that are pets and sources of eggs that drive me nuts ’cause they’re almost impossible to peel when hard-boiled.  We eat beef, pork, and chicken that was raised just down the road at my in-laws home.

Oh yeah, and my in-laws just live down the road!  Our house is one a 3-acre chunk of their land they deeded to us…it used to be a hay field!!

I’m a small-town girl who has been raised in middle-America, live in rural Iowa, and love every minute of the life I’ve been given!!!