I just want to blab about the next tattoo I’m going to have done. 🙂

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now…what my first “big” tattoo will be.  I have a small “ray” on my left ankle…it’s blue, for my daughter (as previously stated daughter’s favorite color is blue), and I have the words “Fortes Fortuna Juvat” tattoo’d around the front of my right ankle.  The translation from Latin is “fortune favors the brave”.  Then, there’s the dragonfly that’s on the top of my right wrist…for Mom and a link between me, Mom, and my daughter (story is on my facebook page). 

My next tattoo will go up my left leg starting at that first tattoo I ever got, the blue rays.  I’m going to have them transform that into some sort of flower-ish type of thing (whatever he can do) and do some vine-work (filagree) work up the leg (mixing in some flowers/dragonflies/frogs?) and incorporating the word “appassionata” into the vine-work.  Appassionata is the “title” of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 23, for those who don’t know….and just another way to say ‘passion’ with a little more flair for those who understand “passion” more than music. 😉  Along with the flowers, dragonflies, and/or frogs, I’ll have some flowers that are bright and colorful to really make it stand out.  I intend this to be one of the two “big” tattoos I’ll get in my life (the other being the kids’ footprints up my back with “flesh of my flesh” at the base of my neck above them) as it will go from the ankle bone (where my first tattoo is) up to mid-thigh.  I can not WAIT to get it done!!!!